Workflow dates

Does anyone have any idea why my workflow dates might be saving the wrong day a workflow was completed? Last evening at around 7pm PST (March 18th) I noticed that about 8 or so of the tax returns our office finished were showing as having first review completed on March 19th (the next day).

The first thing I did was check my computer’s date setting, and it was showing the correct date, March 18th. Then I went to check our server’s date, since it’s running the client manager, and it’s showing the correct date.

Any idea what’s going on?

Where is it showing that date incorrectly? On the engagement form? Client manager?

edit: sorry, it’s actually just on the client manager in this instance. the workflow screen has the correct date somehow.

I just logged in this morning (the 20th) and I can see a few returns that I completed last night are showing as having “first review completed” with a date of March 20th.