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T1 Engagement Due Date - Client Manager

My engagement due dates are not showing in the client manager anymore. I know they were a couple days ago. Is there any other way to show them in the client manager?

The engagement due date (formerly Target date) workflow task should be feeding into Client Manager. Are you able to share a return that has an engagement due date set that is not showing in Client Manager? You could send a return(s) via e-courier if you use that service and it will find its way to me.

I should note that the new engagement start date and client review date workflow tasks that feed into the Client Manager Engagement start and Client review columns aren’t included in TaxCycle yet. I see that these columns made it into TaxCycle a little early. These workflow tasks will be in a future release.

The Engagement start date on the Engagement Information also does not appear to go to the Client Manager. I am trying to track how long T1’s have been in the office but can’t do it with this field.

We do not use e-courier. To confirm I am doing it right. I enter the date on the engagement information sheet and then have the engagement due date column visible in client manager.