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T1 Print Sets

I don’t know why, however my T1 print sets won’t print except for the Client Copy. The Generate PDF when selecting the printer-PDF shows and works fine on the Client Copy. It does not appear on the T1 Efile, Office, or my custom T1 client signatures copies. It just isn’t there. I prefer using the default Adobe PDF generator included in TaxCycle over my paid NitroPDF Creator due to better quality.

I fiddled. Don’t know how, however I was able to ungrey the PDF icon on the Office Copy and T1 Client signature copies. Still greyed out on the T1 Efile copy. When selecting the edit printer prompt the only version displaying the Generate PDF icon is the Client copy.

Ok. Fiddled some more. Locked the return and the icon appeared on the Office copy and T1 Client Signatures copy.

Now I just need to find a way to get the T1 Efile copy to enable the PDF generate icon.

Did I miss an options setting somewhere?

Ok, I am trying to master all these context sensitive configurations. By next year I will be more practiced. Hard to be patient today.

Please help if you can.

Ok. I found the issue in the File, Options, Print options. Will call on Monday morning for assistance.

Can you please upload a couple of screen shots?

For clarity, the button will only show “Generate PDF” if you use the TaxCycle PDF generator. Every other printer, including Nitro PDF just looks like a regular printer, and so the button will say “Print”, but it will generate a PDF using Nitro – you’ll have to specify the PDF filename because we have no way to pass the file name to Nitro PDF automatically.

As well, if you use anything other than our PDF generator you won’t get the indexing of the PDF file.


Thank you for reaching out to me.

I really love the TaxCycle PDF generator. That was what I was trying to create.

I am going through this year’s print setting info. I am not sure about some aspects so I am taking things one step at a time.

I think that the issue is mine in how I defined the print set and some warnings dialogs which I did not see. Would like a more contrasting color if possible for next season to see the prevent print dialogs more clearly. Once I cleared those I was able to generate the PDF on three sets.

The fourth set had no used forms so there was nothing to generate.

I also do not understand how and where to toggle on and off the viewed vs printed forms.

I am reviewing the default print sets, forms included, order, and settings. This year I am finding it hard to keep on top of all the default vs self-configured settings. So I am creating a reconciliation excel with the default settings and my custom ordering. Going back to defaults. Copying the defaults to create my special ordering and inclusions. I will reach out tomorrow am with any fine tuning.

So, some things I love about TaxCycle…

  • depth and breadth of the settings and options
  • great support
  • fast fixes
  • super enhancements
  • working on our requests
  • no bugs tax prevent me from filing for days or weeks
  • no crashing programs

Some things that I am finding challenging…
Converting from an app that I knew cold to an app that I think that I am beginning to understand but still get stuck.

Nothing left to do now but buckle down and get through this intermediate stage.