Watermark Option "Client or File Copy" - for PDF Printing

Would be helpful feature if we are able to add a watermark other than DRAFT for PDF Printing…the ones that I would use are either Client or File Copy when sending the complete return to the client for their record.

When printing your PDF file you can set the preferences on the printer to include whatever watermark you choose.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear, I’m talking about “electronic” printing to PDF. Not printing a PSF onto paper.

Thank you,
Vic Nakhleh

This will add “Client Copy” at the top of all pages in your pdf file

Thank you for your efforts. I know that, I’m talking about a watermark to go across the page, which I feel is more noticeable.

While I appreciate the DRAFT watermark, I have had some complaints that mark makes the copy unreadable. Could you please decrease the opacity so the underlying data can still be reviewed by the client?