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Version 4.0.25597.0 Issues

I received what I believe is an erroneous message.

"Warning: You are linking a 2014 Doxcycle file to a 2013 Taxcycle file. Please ensure this is correct."
They were both 2013 files.

Also I notice right click cut, copy, paste does not seem to be available. I think it was before. It was handy in a T4 when Box 14, 24 & 26 are the same but OCR doesn’t get it exactly right.

We’re not immediately able to reproduce the linking warning but will keep looking into it. If you were able to email us a couple of test files showing the problem that’d help us out.

I’ll add the right-click cut/copy/paste back - in the meantime you should still be able to use the Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+X shortcuts which will hopefully mitigate the problem somewhat.

BTW is the auto update being released soon?

Shouldn’t be too long - we’ll fix the above problems and create an auto-update after that.

It happened immediately after installing the new version and has not happened since so it may be an isolated incident.

So are we still waiting for the auto update? My Doxcycle has not requested an update for my version. Still figures that version 3.1.23743.0 is current.

You guys do need a shorter delay between the release and the auto update.

The auto-update should be coming today. We just had a few issues that we wanted to address before updating everyone out there. Apologies for the delay.

The auto-update is now live. @james1

Thanks for the heads up