Updated and no signature or logo?

I updated to the latest version and I keep getting errors which I have forwarded via the link in the error message. What is now happening is my logo and signature is no longer being displayed. I created a new options profile and edited my letterhead in template editor and my logo is now showing, but I can’t get my signature to display. Anyone with a similar experience after updating to the latest version?

I have a similar problem, not with the logo but the signature. It disappeared when i updated last year but i never tried to get it back.

I have let Elizabeth know to investigate it



Though when you choose to edit the template it is showing in the preview pane correctly?

I don’t have a logo so can’t comment on that, but my signature line works fine. It displays properly on my c-letter and e-letter. Have never experienced a problem with it. Very weird that some users have problems while others don’t.

Thanks for the details. We’re looking into it. Maybe it is just something with .Net 6 upgrade that is causing the template editor to misbehave.

I wonder, in the places where you see the issue, is it because the image is inserted in Options and not in the template itself? That could be a reason why it might work in the letterhead template (if you’ve customized that) but may not work in the signature because that is just coming straight from options…

That appears to be my case. Set up in options, correspondence, signature.

Here’s a post on how to use the snippets instead while we get an update ready:
Known Issue: Logo and Signature Broken in Templates - TaxCycle

Was there a previous default location for the signature file?

Edit: Found it with search eventually.

I see I have a similar display issue in the upper right of the letter template.

I do not use a logo though?

It deletes easy enough on an edit but how can I make that disappear on a regular basis?


I already used all the possibilities but not a good result. Please somebody in the Taxcycle will do it for us.


Taxcycle was quick to offer a work around. But it still is a pain. I decided to shown the bad letters and wait for the update. It shouldn’t affect too many clients at this time of the year.

Update is out.

is that the one that has the dot net 6

That is correct.

Many thanks for letting me know.