Is anyone else experiencing problems with watermarks?

I use the company logo as a background watermark on all correspondence (CLetter, Invoices, etc.). Everything had been working fine for a few years, but for some reason the watermark disappeared after the last update. I’m able to add it back in, but for some reason the image doesn’t get faded out. It’s displayed in full colour and covers the text.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if yes, have you been able to figure out how to fix it?

Thanks for letting us know - our quality assurance team is taking a look to see if we can recreate your issue so we can try to isolate what may be causing it.

We have taken a look at your issue and it seems that TaxCycle has never had the ability to fade your image for you for the watermark. Is it possible that you had a faded version of your logo that you used in the past and now are using a different version?