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Images in Email signature

I have used template editor to setup a cover letter (in addition to client letter), which I will use as an email to clients.
The problem I am having: if I click to email the letter, my email signature does not get input by Outlook. When I put a signature into the template, I am unable to get the logo to import from TaxCycle to Outlook (red X).

Is there a solution to this problem I am not aware of?


Usually this is solved by putting the email image in the same folder as your template. You’ll need to update the link in options then, of course.

Try that and let us know what happens.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

I did that, the image comes in when viewed in TaxCycle, but when I go to email, the link is broken. ie Outlook will not link to the same image file.

Did you customize this template? Did you insert the signature that way?

If not and you’re expecting it to come from options, there is something we may be able to fix for you if you send me the template.