Letter Head issues

I am having issues with the engagement letter (for the T1 module) pulling the letterhead template properly. With my firm name (LeftCoast xxx) it is actually printing it as LetCoast xxx - missing the “f” entirely. Preview looks fine. This is not an issue with the Client Letter, pre-season letter, etc - previews and prints as expected/normally. Any help here would be appreciated. Seems maybe a coding issue?

@JordanS That is really an unusual thing to have it drop the F. Have you customized the letterhead? Would you be willing to share it with us, if so?

@Elizabeth I did customize the letterhead as my logo image was very large on the base template. I made a clone of the letterhead template and just resized the logo. Like I said, it only appears to be affecting the engagement letter. I have also tried printing with the template letterhead with the large logo and it still drops the F. I can send a copy if required.

Really the best thing would be to send the letterhead file into support and if you have customized the engagement letter, send that as well. If you have a sample TaxCycle file (with pretend client data) that you know causes the issue, with your information on the Engagement worksheet, that would help us in trying to reproduce it.

I have a similar issue - after the update my company logo is about 1/4 the size it used to be - on all correspondence, and in the Letterhead template. In TaxCycle options (see below) and in the Letterhead template, the image reference hasn’t changed, so why did the size change?

Previously on correspondence:

Current correspondence:

I now have a similar issue in the Engagement letter - the word “Confidentiality” is not spacing correctly.
As it appears in TaxCycle:

After printing to PDF:

For the logo, I’ve always found the most reliable way to create the right size is to clone the Letterhead snippet template and use it everywhere. It’s the most reliable way to resize it to what you need. The rendering otherwise seems to be really dependent on the image resolution and the screen resolution.

For the engagement letter, are you only seeing it in the PDF? That could help us track it down as it might be a PDF conversion issue…

Thanks @Elizabeth. While waiting for your response, I ended up doing that, since I had to resize the logo in the template. It’s just that I never had to do this until now, and I’ve been using the same logo and letterhead in TaxCycle for 5 years.

That is correct. I, too, suspect it may be a PDF conversion issue.

I’m having similar issues with a few words, “Qualification” and “Certificate.” It is most certainly an issue with the PDF printer, as if I print to a physical printer or using any other PDF printer it is printing correctly.

I too am having the same issue with my engagement letters printing to PDF and the word confidentiality being distorted.