"Unable to read the options" warning upon updating TaxCycle

For the last few updates we’ve run, we keep getting an error saying that TaxCycle is unable to read the options for certain module/year. It goes on to say that TaxCycle will show the default option values for these modules and that we should click OK on the Options dialog to save the default values.

If you click ok, it opens up the options interface, but not in any of the specific module that were just flagged.

We run the latest updated on a couple stations this afternoon, and I notice that the modules affected are not even the same. See screen shots.

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i Have had the same problem as well . i am trying to see why it is doing it with testing moving the option folder around .then let taxcycle know have sent in my log files to them.

Would I be able to get a copy of your options profile ZIP file? With this ZIP file I can try to reproduce the error.

An options profile ZIP file contains individual XML files for each module, year and preference group. For example, T12018.Preferences.FileNamingPreferences.xml. For TaxCycle to show this dialog, it could not read one of these XML files. There could be a number of reasons for this.

What is the best way to send that to you?

Do you have an e-courier account? You can use that and send the package to info@taxcycle.com.

The options profile ZIP is a standard ZIP which you can password protect. 7-Zip File Manager is the tool I use and is freely available. Once you password protect the ZIP file you can use regular email to send it to info@taxcycle.com.

We use Sharefile for secure emails. You’ll see two emails, one prompting you to create a password and the other with the actual file to download.