Trillium Benefit (Ontario)

Not a biggie but if it could be added to the list of changes.

For a taxpayer turning 19 if the Trillium Benefit (OSTC portion) is paid out in a lump sum, it is paid out in the month following the month they turn 19. Currently the T1 Summary always shows it as to be paid in July.

Not in the new release. Is it on the list?

We will take a look at it for our next release which should be within the next few weeks.

~ Rob

Would still be nice to have this changed.

This has finally been addressed. A bit more testing by another set of eyes and this will be ready for our next release.

A related Ontario Trillium issue…

When the taxpayer elects to take a single lump-sum payment by selecting Box 6109, the “Trillium” form still lists the Monthly amounts – a bit awkward when showing the client and explaining that "even though the form shows you getting monthly amounts, rest assured that we’ve selected the “Annual” option for you.

Please review…thanks…Mike