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T1 - Application for the Ontario senior homeowners' property tax grant

It would be nice if the warning was only triggered when the income falls in the specified range for claim.


Common Ontario. Help out. Comments. Likes. Make Taxcycle notice. :grinning:

I find myself always opening up the prior year to see if they were eligible for the Trillium Benefit. It would be much easier if the program would at least indicate the minimum rent/property tax that would make them eligible. I would even go with just showing the prior year Trillium Benefit on the current year T1.

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The Trillium would be a little more work as there is a lot of variables.

The property tax grant coding for the warning would be much more simple to implement.

Those suggestion for Trillium would definitely help though.

True. I guess I’m just trying to get an indication of whether to look at the Trillium Benefit without opening up the prior year T1. I agree on the grant warning.

Thanks for the comments.
For the Senior homeowners’ property tax grant message, we will add a condition that the adjusted family net income is less than what it would take as family income to offset the maximum grant (line 32). That will reduce it to only showing when there is a chance of getting any credit out of it.
We will look at what we can add to the ON-BEN suggestion so you can know at a glance what was estimated last year (this would be part of our carryforward process).
Watch for it in a release next week.


I see it made it to the last update. :+1: :+1:

Thank you.