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Opt Out of ONBEN?

The son of a client is moving permanently to Sask in the next month. I’m doing his 2019 T1 as an Ontario resident. I haven’t checked any boxes on the ONBEN Trillium Application but it is coming up with the OSTC sales tax credit part of the Trillium Benefit. Since he’ll be resident in Sask by the time these Trillium payments start in July, I would like to just not apply.

Is there a way to opt out of this or do I just override the amount to be zero (which is not the preferred method).

I don’t think there is a way.

Depending on how I feel at the moment I will do a bunch of overrides or just explain they can ignore the figures as they are not going to be eligible after notifying CRA of new address.

Thanks Arliss. I was hoping to avoid having to go through the change in address requirement since kids are not so reliable to remember this. I’ll leave it with his parents.