Trillium Benefit and GST Credit

I have a client who has had CRA split up the trillium benefit between him and spouse. He is receiving the OSTC portion and spouse receiving the OEPTC portion. The GST/HST credit also has changed from one spouse to the other. Does anyone know how CRA determines who to pay these benefits to?, Is there something in Tax Cycle that triggers this?

I was once told by someone at CRA (general enquiries, so consider the source) that it is simply issued to which return is assessed first. That was a couple years ago.

That was my understanding as well, that it depended on order of assessment. Haven’t ever seen the provincial credits split like that - makes me wonder, was there a long interval between spouse’s filing? Did one file without the OEPTC info or box checked?

Both were filed at same time, I only check the OEPTC box on one client. So Im guessing that is the reason it is being split up. Im also guessing that just because one return is submitted moments earlier then the other, that doesnt necessarily dictate which return will be assessed first?

I found the explanation on the Ontario website…but still never before heard of such a split - seems ridiculous. Elsewhere on the same page it says that the Trillium benefit is a combination of provincial credits?!!