Transmission error postal code

“Transmission failed”
“The Trnasmission content is invalid”

Code: “error” “The ‘PostalZipCode’ element is invalid - The value ‘X0X 0X’ is invalid according to its datatype - The Pattern constraint failed.”

The Postal code is entered and displayed correctly in the “Info” tab, but CRA efile seems to be objecting to a missing last digit and/or were not expecting a blank in the middle?

So, cannot eflie this return with the 27 Feb and 05 March 2020 versions of Taxcycle T1.

Send us the file via e-courier and we can take a look to determine what is causing the postal code tag to fail.

~ Rob

I had a case last year for a postal code in SK that failed due to an address/code mismatch, but got a bizarre error code back from CRA. I called Efile Help Desk and after a while of backing-and-forthing we discovered that THEY thought the postal code was one thing and Canada Post a different one…how that happens I have no idea.

CRA fixed it in the end.

Another place to check would be the T2091 for a postal or zip code missing/invalid. Also it could be coming from an Income statement with an erroneous or blank postal code field like the T2125, etc.

~ Rob

The file does not have other T2125 etc forms.

It does, however have a T2091.

Unfortunately, the T2091 also appears to be correct.

(The file only has OAS/GIS, a provincial BC T5007 (Seniors supplement) plus a T2091, and that’s it)

Efile Helpdesk have no record of any file being received, so they are saying that it is the software which is preventing the transmission of the file.

This taxpayer HAS disposed of a Principal Residence in 2019, and thus there is a T2091.

HOWEVER, since this taxpayers old address AND the new address are in the same condo building, the PR disposition T2091 Postal code is exactly the same as her current new address Postal Code (on the info screen).

It appears as if it is possible that Taxcycle is preventing that condition from transmitting?

The error you listed above seems to indicate an invalid or missing postal code - there is no check on the T2091 against the Info page mailing address. Would you be able to send us the file via e-courier to

~ Rob

The problem preventing transmission seems to have been with the postal code entered in the “Principal residence” section of Schedule 3…

Whilst it looked correct, I deleted, saved, re-entered, saved on that Schedule 3 and then the file efiled ok.

What also may or may not be a cause or a contributing factor is, unlike anywhere else, in one of the T2091 schedules, titled by taxcycle as “Designation of a Property as a Principal Residence by an individual”, in the section called:
“Description of property”,
the Postal Code field is displayed WITHOUT the space in the middle.