Efile Error Postal zip Code element


I’m having this annoying message and can’t e-file while everything else is correct. Has anyone been there or know how to fix? (the address is absolutely correct)

Does the Postal code have a space between the first and last grouping of 3? Should be L1G 2R9

If you are filing a T2091/T2125 or T776 use the two character province code not the full name, eg BC not British Columbia.



Thanks, I’m kind of fed now. I checked and rechecked everything, it was already presented as you said but still it won’t file and it’s not my first T2091 so not sure where it’s going wrong.

No nothing like that, it was the first thing that I checked!

I got my answer, I had a dummy T2091 created and it would not let me efile without clearing it.