Tracking New Clients

Is there any way to mark a client as “new”? I would like to be able to use Client Manager to give me a list of new clients.

Create a custom field to enter the year you started doing their return.

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I have checked the documentation, and it appears custom fields can be used on templates and data monitors. I need to use it in Client Manager.

I’m sure some day that will change but what I do is use a field in the Engagement screen. I use the “Approver” field to show the current status of the file (I have about 5 different statuses that I use to track my files). I’m a sole practitioner so that field is otherwise not much use to me.

Hi gil, one of the new(ish) “Quick Searches” is “No prior year return”, under “files”. That may give you the results you need.

That works for all files where the client only brings in the current year to be completed. If prior year returns also need to be done, then the filter ignores them.

I had Aliysa help me add a field to Client Manager. I can’t remember how she did it.

The column is called “Comments”. I use it track T1Adjs to follow or done.

Client #1 - T12016Adj w TL-11 amended.
Client #2 - T12016Adj - prepare and review if material re tuition $, mths, and student loan interest

I moved my column to after Status. You might prefer it after the name column or elsewhere.

My column order is the following:

  • SIN/BN
  • Name
  • File Name
  • YE
  • Status
  • Comments
  • Return Status
  • AFR
  • ENOA
  • Rec.Info
  • Preparer
  • Reviewer
  • Approver

We filter for “Carried forward = no”