Columns in List View

It would be nice to be able to reorder the columns the way Cantax does. I am a single preparer so the column saying I did it is unnecessary to me. But I would like to be able to glance down a list to see who hasn’t paid yet, or who I need a T183 from. Some of this is available in card view, but only one at a time.

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I agree that the ability to customize the columns would be great and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come at some point but maybe not this year. I am also a sole practitioner and wanted some way of expanding on the workflow summary.

I use the “Approver” field in the Engagement screen to enter the current status of the return before I save the file. It is one of the columns on the Client Manager. I use entries such as “Waiting”, “Reviewed”, “Queries”, “Mailed To Client”, and “Appt Set”. It seems to work out well so far. You can also filter based on the entries in this column. My custom “quick search” that I’ve saved as “T1 WIP” excludes any returns that have been transmitted so I’m just dealing with the returns in progress.

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Thank You. It looks like that will work.