Client Manager for Tax Return status

This is the time of the year that we start using the Client Manager extensively for tracking the status of where T1 returns are in our system. One thing that we really find missing in Client Manager is the ability to sort lists by Preparer, Reviewer or Partner. We enter this information in the Engagement Area, for the Partner it is in the {{CurrentClient.Engage.Preparer.Partner}} field. For instance we want to create an Excel Spreadsheet of T1 Clients that have not yet come in, sorted by Partner and with the taxpayer Phone Numbers and Email addresses.

This is something we asked for last year hoping that we would see it this year…

Having a report writer that accesses the client manager in the way that the template editor accesses tax return data would be nice. That way we could start off with basic reports and then each firm could revise the report to its own needs.

Additional search result columns.

I can add these extra columns for you. Though there is a condition. Since we’re so close to the end of the T1 filing season, I’d like to make TaxCycle with these columns available as a separate download. You’ll need to re-index your clients again to populate the new fields.

We’ve had some high level discussion about reporting and what it might look like. Firstly, we’d like to (vastly) improve Client Managers integration with Excel. Once your data has been exported to Excel, you can use its tools to model your data and produce reports. Secondly, we’d allow you to choose which fields get exported to Excel (or other tool). From there you could create several “exports”.

There are other options available as well. I’d need to take a closer look at what they can do this off season.

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It would be helpful if the non-system generated statuses could be customizable, or have the ability to add my own statuses. There are a number of statuses that I do not use, and others that I need. For example, having a status of “waiting for more information” would be helpful for client followup purposes. Right now, I physically put those “on hold” files is a separate crate to keep track of them.

As well, to have the ability save filter sets would be very helpful.


I would also find it extremely helpful to have the ability to search for clients with certain forms in use, such as which clients who have a T2125 or a T1135, who are not US citizens etc. We used to be able to do this in Profile and found it a very useful.

You can enter the form name into the search box to get a list of clients who have used that form. However, you can’t combine that with a field value check. This type of combination is something that we’ll be working on over summer.

It would be extremely helpful to have an option to filter out the returns that have already been efiled and leave only the ones that haven’t. After 90% have been completed and filed, the ones that aren’t filed are the ones you want to find quickly.

Just a note to say that advertised add-on’s such as Client Track are not required because Client Manager does more than any foreign programs could ever accomplish.

Thanks again to TaxCycle for always giving us the best of what’s available:)


I must of missed this in the tread?? I think you meant to post to this thread

No… I only posted the comment today. I’m happy for you about Client Track.

My experience is negative due to their lack of commination on their part.

In addition I find that TaxCycle Client Manager will work just fine for me… no need to add APPS to a already fantastic software program as TaxCycle.


I sent Client Track an e-mail back in August enquiring about integration. The reply I received suggested I use an Excel export from TaxCycle and import to Client Track. They did not provide any information about the TaxCycle export to excel. I’m really wondering about Client Track, like the product, although it could do with some changes, but update’s don’t seem to be happening. Feeling a bit uneasy over them.

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Hey Nick, Further to my above comments I have now had contact with Client Track (they contacted me). They are very interested in partnership with TaxCycle but as we know it’s been in their hands since early 2015.

Anyway they have sent me 2 hours of video on how it work’s only took a quick look but seems more than I need?

For my practice I believe TaxCycle Client Manager provides all necessary information we need for follow up, review through the year and so on.


I also agree with you! i would love to see a filter where we can see which ones have not been file, which ones have been filed and which ones are ready to be filed, this would be a great feature for T1 season and make efiling and printing in batches much faster and have room for less error!


Yes, being able to filter to identify unfiled returns would be a huge benefit to us.

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TaxCycle can filter on the transmission status of your returns. This includes files that are ready to file, require attention or already transmitted etc.

TaxCycle’s full filtering capabilities can be found here under custom filters.

You can also use the Quick Searches sidebar (in the area above the Custom filters) which has predefined searches for ‘T1 not filed’, ‘T2 not filed’ etc.