Taxfolder questions

I am new to Taxfolder. I have a few questions:
for the limit of 500 customers is it on the basis of a year?
If a client leaves and I delete it, does the counter go down by 1?
if I have 501 customers, can I add a block of 250 without adding a user?
Can I add subfolders in the client downloads area (upload and download)?
Thank you

The first annual license includes 500 clients, including clients deleted in the year. Clients deleted in a previous year are not counted.

If clients are added after the first 500 an additional license is required for the next block of 250 clients (maximum total of 750 clients).

Each client can have multiple engagements (folders). Each engagement (folder) includes one client files sharing section, one preparer files sharing section and the ability to request signatures on multiple documents (including documents that require multiple signers).

Additional information for TaxFolder can be found here: