Taxfolder: Approve documents verbiage change

Asking clients to approve documents that you send them to collect (ie…client copy after filing) seems to not fit some functions.

Perhaps when printing a form or when setting up a print-set to Taxfolder, additional options to send as requiring approval or sending for client collection, much like there is requesting signatures.

For example:
Approval required: Perhaps a client has some complicating matters on a T776 that I want the client to approve the preparation of the form before I complete the return. I send the T776 to the client via TaxFolder asking them to approve the statement. They approve the statement, TaxFolder creates the document stating they approved it, I am notified and carry on work.

Collection required: I’ve completed the return, had a discussion about it with the client, sent the T183 for signature, eFiled the return, collected the confirmation and the eNOA. Now I want the print set to send to TaxFolder and let the client know their return is ready for them to collect. When they collected it, TaxFolder creates the security document stating they collected it, I am notified and close the engagement.