New Taxcycle feature printing client copy to Taxfolder

I cannot seem to get this function to work properly, as no matter that I ensure that ‘request signatures’ is unchecked, and ‘ask client to upload documents’ is checked, it puts the file in the signature area on Taxfolder…

There is an optional build coming that will have three print options for TaxFolder.


In the meantime, you will need to print to PDF and drag and drop it in the engagement in TaxFolder to share it.

What is request approval?

This goes through the same workflow that we currently have when Request Signatures is left blank.

Instead of requesting a signature, the client is asked to review the document and hit an “Approve” button. This is tracked in the Signatures and Approvals section of TaxFolder similar to the signature requests.

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and now yet printing from Doxcycle to Taxfolder.

And, would be nifty if Taxfolder could print the signed docs to Doxcycle…

A “Doxcycle Printer” sure would be nice from many areas.