T183 Part E - TaxFolder Sign Off

I haven’t filed many T1s yet and most of my clients have already signed up for Online Mail, so I just came to my first client where I still need to figure out what their preference is…

What exactly happens when I send a T183 where Part E hasn’t been selected yet? Does TaxFolder allow them to make a selection?? Can I even send it without that selection made?

Do I need to figure out their preference first?

I don’t want to give them the chance to select “Electronic filer to receive the NOA” option (since that option can’t be disabled all together) so I just want to know what to expect before I try sending this.

“Do I need to figure out their preference first?”

It is not the tax preparer’s tax return, it is the taxpayer’s tax return.
The taxpayer gets to call the shots.

IMHO, this question is best handled on the T1 engagement letter, signed by the client, so the tax preparer has a written record of it.

Your tax practice’s engagement letter can give them whatever choices your practice is offering, so you (and they) know before you start.

Yes, I get that it’s their choice :roll_eyes:, I’m just asking if it shows up as a box to select when it goes for signature through TaxFolder, or if I have to make sure it’s checked off before I send it.

We do not currently have anything programmed to support including check boxes in the signature process. Only signatures and date anchors are available. So in this case you would need to pre-check the box or your client can print complete and then send back to you through the client upload section of TaxFolder.