TaxFolder sending client reminders to sign

TaxFolder is starting to send clients reminders to sign. The problem is that the clients have signed another way. When clients sign either a physical form or request that a copy be emailed or faxed, we click “Mark Approvals Complete” and also “Complete Engagement”.

Do we need to delete the clients in TaxFolder for them not to get a reminder email?

Have you tried using the skip approvals step in TaxFolder?

There is no method in TaxFolder to send a reminder. Most likely they are getting an original document request that was delayed in processing. You could delete the Approval/Signature request in TaxFolder instead of marking it complete and that would prevent an email from getting sent, but only if there is a delay in the email getting triggered. In this case, if the email does get sent, when the client follows the link they will get a page that the document has been removed.

Setting the engagement to complete does not disable documents still in progress. It will, however, stop the email notification that a document has been signed.