T1 (and maybe other modules) suggestions 2021 edition

Well I figured I would start providing my suggestions as i come across them. Please note that my first comments relate to a late 2019 T1 I am doing ATM.

  1. audit messages when AFR is downloaded. When my staff import from doxcycle and then I download the afr slip, it would be nice if the error message was not showing. since the slip entered matches the CRA slip.

As you can see, the review question saying that there was a prior year balance still shows even when the slip is correct

  1. It would be helpful if double clicking on the CNIL balance on AFR(REP) would take you to the proper section of the T936 to correct.

It would also be extremely helpful if you would roll the CNIL numbers over rounded to the nearest dollar the same way CRA does .

Sorting of medical receipts.

I should be able to sort medical receipts by date (or amount) and then run another sort by payment to which in theory result in the amounts ordered by payment to but still in date order;similar to how excel handles sorts; however, Taxcycle seems to always sort by the original ordering I think since when I try the above, I get the amounts sorted by payment to but the order by date or amount has been lost

Still would be nice to have some way to enter amounts on the S4 and then allocate a percentage to the spouse similar to shared slips. (this would be nice to have for 2020 tax returns)

  1. Add support for USB signature pads for Taxcycle for our clients that will still come into the office to sign.


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  1. It would be nice to have another review checkmark
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  1. It would be nice to have the ability to add templates (and allow us to choose the appropriate template when sending e-courier) for e-couriers sent from Doxcycle so I do not need to type it in every time.plus add the ability to add a signature for the same reason.

Furthermore, I would also like to have doxcycle have the ability to create multiple pdfs based on the print jobs being sent if I want it too.

For example, when I print my T4 slips, I have two print jobs, one for the Employer copy and one for the Employee copy I would like Doxcycle to use my print job name as the description when being printed from Taxcycle rather than just “current year return” for both, then when I select the two print jobs and select e-courier, I would like Doxcycle to create two PDF’s to send (or better yet ask me if I want separate PDF’s just in case I do only want one) using the name of the header (based on my print job above)

Therefore, I can select the two print jobs, select the appropriate template to bring in and the program will add my signature line defined in Doxcycle since my signature line from e-courier does not show up when I send e-couriers through Doxcycle for some reason

Hope this makes sense

  1. Auto lock of T4, T5 and T3 files etc.after electronic filing similar to T1( As far as I know it still does not do this). This would also be nice if we had the same banner that says file is locked like the T1. Could we get at least the auto lock part without the banner for 2020?

Hey James… my T4 files are auto locking after I print the T4’s. In my last print set I have the print configuration set to “Lock file after printing” (top right of the print set up box). I don’t know if it matters which print set has this ticked, as long as it is one of the print/pdf print sets that you print or publish T4’s to.

you know I thought there might be a setting I missed after i posted it but did not check; however, that is lock after printing, I want them to lock after I electronically file the return which I do after I print.

You can still electronically file the T4 return even after it is locked. I file mine after they are printed and checked too.

I will try that, thanks SPG

@james1 Only one sort field at a time, and considering it’s the date that is important for Medical claims, why would you need to then group them as well?

Perhaps to sort by date and by taxpayer/dependant? It doesn’t sound like a big programming change for that feature. Easy for me to say, though.

I hadn’t thought of the Dependent sort, but the OP was saying on the “Payment to” which is the drugstore, ambulance, etc.

This being the first year I’m using TaxCycle, I was surprised the the “Deductions” tab allows for only ONE LINE under Line 21200 Annual Dues for OTHER (specify). I’m used to Profile where you can have multiple lines to express several Professional Dues. I see it’s the same elsewhere in TaxCycle for many optional “other” entries. Were multiple lines ever an option and removed because members felt they weren’t required? I don’t want to make waves since I’m new to TaxCycle and don’t know the history, but personally, I prefer multiple lines opening up for multiple additions of the same type.


The GST370 GST/HST Rebate Application only allows one instance of the form, which is the same as in Profile. I frequently have employees where I’m claiming rebates from multiple businesses (ie: multiple T777’s, or employees with Professional Dues from multiple businesses).

Years ago, I had an advanced ruling from CRA (by way of a phone call and not in writing). They stated that when a tax return is originally filed, they would accept multiple forms applicable to the different businesses in question. The message in the instructions of ONE form was there to signal that they didn’t want to receive additional submissions later in the year to claim additional rebates, nor did they want to receive adjustments on this form.

My frustration with the one instance of this form is that it makes it appear as if the GST rebates for Business B, C, etc are being claimed against the GST # of Business A. As such, I take extra time to print a unique form for each business, then I pick the business with the highest GST and merge the others to this one, printing this merged form also for my client file (just did one today actually using TaxCycle). If CRA ever did a review of my client’s GST 370 rebate, my client has all the information necessary to submit to CRA (so far, I’ve never seen a review on the GST370 form).

How are other accountants / Tax Preparers handling this, and is this something TaxCycle can change (to add multiple forms for the initial return filed)?

I had this same frustration in Profile with the T777, so am pleased that TaxCycle allows for multiple T777 worksheets. :slight_smile:

@kozakworld Gerry, I use the Tape function in TaxCycle, it allows you to itemize the deductions and expenses for almost any line.

For example for union dues, you can add multiple entries just enter the first receipt and hit the + key and you will be able to enter the next receipt

Thanks for the reply, Michael …

Yes, I do use Tapes, including the work I was doing today. However I don’t print the tapes for my client’s file. I always give my clients a complete copy of their tax return vs just the summary forms, so as to remove any later guesswork on where I pulled the numbers from. That’s where I find value in these extra lines.

Plus, for things like the GST370, some Professional Dues include the GST and some don’t, so by visually seeing the entries (vs them being hidden behind a tape), it acts as a quick catch that I need to override the GST370 form to not claim the GST Rebate on those specific professional dues that don’t charge GST.

It’s interesting too that the option for Professional/Malpractice Liability Insurance is listed on this Deductions worksheet, however, there is NO checkbox next to it to claim the GST Rebate for it as there is on the other lines. I have nurses who pay this fee to the “Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba” and GST is charged. Thus I enter it on the blank line, together with their “College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba” dues in order to claim the GST Rebate. So that missing checkbox might be a TaxCycle oversight?

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In Ontario, the GST/HST on insurance is not eligible to claim as an input tax credit. Technically, it’s a hold-over from the prior Ontario Retail Sales Tax system. I’m not sure about Manitoba or other provinces, though.

I use the Tape, too, for lines like the professional dues.

Would like the ability to mark client is not interested in pad pay from the filing screen rather than needing to go to T183;

When I use the Transmit Family screen to file, I would like the same results showing as if i filed individually IE I am looking for code 180 to show here etc.

Funny; how can a post be marked off topic in a thread I started.

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