TaxCycle News
My email just got flooded with 90 emails from you between the time of 9:06 am to 9:11 am this morning. Isn’t that a bit excessive!

These are all with the topic: [TaxCycle News/Updates]
and all are one line messages starting with:
“This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at:”
[website address link]

Couldn’t these 90 messages all be merged into ONE message, as follows:

  • Topic => Link
  • Topic => Link
  • Topic => Link

This would make it a whole lot easier to view vs having to read through each individual email.

Strange that I don’t see these same messages here in the forum under TaxCycle News. That discussion group is empty.

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Hi @kozakworld. Our apologies for this. We’re working on the idea of integrating the news feed into the community is a more subtle way (I got spammed too) and something went awry.

I received the same.

I’m actually amazed that Gmail didn’t register it as SPAM and block them, LOL.

Now to decide what to do with all these 90 emails. Delete them, or perhaps move them to their own unique email folder so that I can see my other emails, or perhaps go through them, one by one, and amalgamate them into one email and resend it to myself, then delete those 90 emails. No time to deal with it today.

Feel free to delete them.

I get an email every time someone posts but i have gmail set up to label them and skip the inbox. It means I can look at them later.

Also, the community has are “digest” or Activity Feed options where you can get a summary instead of a mailing list effect. And you can control the frequency and what triggers them.

Mine as well. I suspected a spam and deleted them all…

Log on to They posted a topic " Accidental Email Spam" where they explained what happened.