Send us your questions from the "Ask Us Anything" panel discussion, please

Our Online Training Conference is this month away and we’d like your help. We’re preparing for the “Ask Us Anything” panel discussion with the TaxCycle team, including @Cameron, @Sarka, @Andrew, @Allen and myself (@Elizabeth) This was the most popular session of the conference last year (and the most fun!)

Post your questions below and we’ll prepare as many answers as we can. Then, join us on Tuesday, October 26 at 13:00 MT / 15:00 ET for the “Ask Us Anything” session for short demos based on those questions and a live Q&A with the TaxCycle team.

Don’t forget to reserve your spot for the conference . Almost 1300 people have already locked in a ticket. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

I don’t know if it will be covered in the other sessions, but if it isn’t:
What upgrades and improvements are planned for DoxCycle?
Will some of the glitches in that module be rectified in the 2021 version?
Is a DoxCycle ‘printer’ anywhere on the horizon?

Our office considers DoxCycle to be a key part of our tax preparation process and it seems that there hasn’t been a lot of development attention on it the past few years.


Thanks @matthew I’ll add your questions to the list.

Is there a way to add on the monitor tab on bottom of screen “last year refund/balance due” or information from the CDE?

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Is there the possibility of having a 5 year tax plan. This would be useful when determining RRSP/RIF withdrawals and clawback situations.


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Would it be possible to have a feature where you could drag and drop PDF files into a print set (before printing a tax return) so that it’s included with the client package? I’m thinking of situations where maybe a firm has some additional document, separate from the actual tax return, that they want to provide to their client as part of the whole package, instead of having to print and compile separately.

Now that might be something I would be interested in.

@matthew We didn’t get to your DoxCycle question yesterday. We know that there is a core group of DoxCycle fans.

You’re right, this year, we’re focusing our work on TaxFolder and online integrations with TaxFolder. And some of the large compliance/online service changes–like the CRA’s T3 modernization.

This all to say, we don’t anticipate much in the way of new enhancements to DoxCycle this year. Of course, we are ensuring it works on Windows 11 and with the .NET upgrade that TaxCycle is getting.

Thanks @Elizabeth,

Will some of the glitches experienced during the last tax season with DoxCycle that were identified here be resolved? There were a few that were quite annoying.

@matthew Can you drop me a line with the glitches that you are look for fixes? Either to support or to my direct email. I’ll see what I can find out…

Email sent. Thanks for following up.

:frowning_face: I need a dislike button.

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@Arliss Do not despair. I have the list of concerns from @matthew. We are getting QA to reproduce them and hopefully that means we can address them.

“Doxcycle printer” sure would be nice.


@Arliss Noted. :slight_smile:

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