DONE! New URL for the online community

On Tuesday, October 30th, we moved this community from to Here’s what you need to know:

  • The new url may take up to 48 hours to work. Domain name server (DNS) changes can take effect immediately, or they can take up to 48 hours to propagate through the Internet to your service provider.
  • Where possible, we will be redirecting web traffic from to
  • Your user account will continue to work for signing into the community. You will likely need to sign in again once this change is complete.
  • Please update any browser bookmarks you have to the new URL.
  • If you have difficulty accessing a direct link to a page on the community, please go to and use the search to find the page you need.

I have been redirected and have logged in successfully.

Is there a prize for first post after the move? :grinning:

New mug? Note pads?


Cool, I’m glad it worked so seamlessly.

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Keys to the company jet?


Well done sweet change

working here as well :slight_smile:

If we printed some laptop stickers would you use them??

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Keys to the jet would be nice. But my wife would be happy with a block of TaxCycle post-its (lucky for me it doesn’t take too much to keep her happy :laughing:).

Perry didn’t bring any laptop stickers to the Salmon Technology show, but there were some other vendors handing out decals.

Other than on the back of the notebook, I could likely find use for a TaxCycle sticker in the office window beside the yellow Interac sticker. :grinning:

Would gladly post a Taxcycle Sticker in my office… I have been bragging about the software to everyone who will listen . lol…Your happy face once transmitted always puts a smile on my clients’ faces !

Laptop and window decals / stickers are the fab now. Anything TaxCycle branded would be great.

After giving us great tax software, we are an easy bunch to please

Oh and yes everything transferred smoothly over on this end as well.

Yep - seamless transition. Nice to see someone do that as smoothly as it can be!

I would. Happy to promote the product

Happy to promote TaxCycle. Would use sticker.

I’d be happy to use a sticker to promote TaxCyc;e

I miss the days when a forum change would result in the forum being down for a week…