Taxcycle doesn't want to stay on the one monitor anymore

I know there was an issue last year that was resolved getting Taxcycle to open on the desired monitor in a two monitor setup. I am having that issue once again. Did something possibly get messed up in the last update or is it something I have now screwed up? I did purchase a couple of new monitors at year end. I still have the desired monitor in portrait position.


It appears to be working on my three monitor setup under version 3.2.25570.0

Any in portrait position?


Are you placing TaxCycle on the right most monitor or the left most monitor. From my notes, last year (at exactly this time), we had a bug that related to that.

In the last 6 months we switched to a better Ribbon Component, I expect that the patch we made to the old component needs to be applied to the new one as well. We’re going to look at this in the next hour or so as we are releasing a minor minor update today. If you have any more clues please share them!


~ Cameron

Right most.

New wide screen monitors are nice. Lots of real estate.
Doxcycle left landscape. Taxcycle right portrait.

Just customizing the Doxcycle Custom outline. Anyway to share these?


My theorizing about the same change we made last year was wrong… that code is still in.

The problem has to do with the relative positions of the monitors on your desktop, and the fact that one monitor is in Portrait, and is taller than the others (in pixels). We’ll figure out how to make this better, but not for today’s release. It’s not the simple change I hoped it might be.

The good news is that we can reproduce your issue here, although it involves turning a laptop on it’s side because we have no monitors that will do that for us! :smile:

On the DoxCycle front, Colan will respond. For the long term we will solve that with Option Profiles, but we likely will not have time to incorporate that feature in DoxCycle in the next month or two.

~ Cameron

Just landscape for me

Thanks for figuring out the monitor issue so quickly. For the time being I will just move into position.

Just to clarify I thought it might be nice to be able to share our custom outlines amongst other users by posting whatever file holds that information.

I see it was addressed in other thread.

@Arliss, I used the sample file included with DoxCycle as my vehicle to transfer the Document Outline from one computer to the other. So I would think if you wanted to share outlines amongst others, using that sample file would be a safe way to do it.

This has been an issue for me again for some time. Can we check to see if something got broke again?

Doxcycle left landscape. Taxcycle right portrait.

Was TaxCycle supposed to start in the same monitor each time, or in the monitor that it was last open on? I didn’t realize that.

It has been opening on my monitor 3… which is a little out. I use a four monitor option.

| ---- — |
1 3 2 4

But I also use UltraMon which is a monitor manager, so I just click the box on the top of the window to flip it over to monitor 2 when I open.

(Generally, I use monitor 1 for client view of the return, showing either a short summary or a family summary, but have DoxCycle and EfileCabinet on monitor 3, TaxCycle on monitor 2 and Asana/Toggl on Monitor 4. Sometimes I will have another TaxCycle window open on monitor 4 too.)

I believe it was supposed to remember the monitor it was last open on, at least that is the way it was operating at one time. There were only a few of us I believe that were having an issue when a monitor that we wished it to be on was in the portrait position. It did get fixed for me but as I mentioned the problem crept back in somewhere along the way again.

Nice setup. I am jealous.

Thank you. I like the set up too. Clients were very impressed as they got
their own screen.

Next year, with taxcycle’s tear off windows, I will be able to demo one
view for them, yet keep a data entry window for me, even if they are
connected remotely.


This is working for us here, so we must not be accurately simulating your setup.

Are you using UltraMon? This utility takes over window positioning, so might be overriding what we are trying to do.

Anything else special about your setup? What are the resolutions of your monitors?

~ Cameron

No to UltraMon.

Just the NVIDIA Drivers that came with the system.

Left - Monitor 2 (Default Monitor) - Doxcycle - Landscape - 1920x1080.
Right - Monitor 1 - Taxcycle - Portrait - 1080x1920.


Have you updated your NVIDIA drivers to the most current?

Yes it is current.

After moving to the portrait monitor, on close and reopen it opens on the landscape monitor but is overlapping into the portrait monitor.

On minimizing and then maximizing it opens properly but on the landscape monitor.

Well it was a long shot at best anyways

Taxcycle is now staying put once again on my monitor of choice.:+1: Would like to know if something was addressed in the last update or if it is something peculiar in my system that somehow corrected itself.

Presumably not a Taxcycle change as on installation of the new update it is back to opening on the monitor I would rather not have it open on. I am confused. Excel remembers. Why not Taxcycle?