T7DR(A) not lining up with CRA pre-printed form

I am using the T1 2014 module, and I wanted to print the T7DR(A) Electronic Filing Remittance Voucher using CRA’s pre-printed form. The name, address etc are not lining up properly. I called today and someone else had the same issue, so TaxCycle is working on it. For now, I will just fill it in manually but I wanted others to know that a fix is coming.


The team has identified the pattern… if your fonts are set to 100%, the T7DRA prints and aligns perfectly. If you are using larger fonts (like 125% or 150%) the T7DRA prints using proportionally smaller fonts, which messes the alignment up, and is not what we want.

Now that we know what the problem is, the fix should be straightforward… expect to see something next week.

~ Cameron