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Will TaxCycle be including the new form for 2017 tax season?

from my understanding the answer is yes

See here…

I also called CRA to order the T7DRA forms and I got a download link today for the new form. From what I see, the information must all be manually entered on the pdf form which leaves plenty of room for error and is time consuming. Will it be possible for Taxcycle to populate the pdf form automatically?
Also, payments using this form can only be made at Canada Post. Bank payments are not allowed.

Yes I know what CRA says. I’m sure most of us has received the notice.
My question is have we heard if TaxCycle will be including the pdf form in the software.
It will take valuable time to open, fill and then print the form. 5 minutes times a couple of hundred balance owing T1s at whatever the hourly rate is can add up to hundreds dollars of lost income. I had a separate printer dedicated to only printing this form previously.

Thanks James1. I hope so.

We want to include this new form directly in the software.

We have contacted CRA to see if they will cooperate. We’re hopeful, but CRA seems to be trying to shut the software vendors out now. For instance, they are creating a new online T3010 form for charities, but they won’t give us a specification to efile T3010s. Hopefully this is not a harbinger of things to come.

~ Cameron

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The CRA email also mentions that this is a pilot project from Feb 1 to July 11. Is that maybe why they’re reluctant to hand out specs?

CRA will probably take great delight in giving us more grief again. This should have been implemented in July. What were they thinking?

Oh, wonderful. How annoying!! Keep hammering at them – this is hardly “client service”.

CRA decides when to listen and when to ignore. It is like a dice roll.

They are just so helpful.

Is the T7DRA available on CRA’s website? I typed T7DRA in the search, but no luck.

no it appears that they are not available any longer

Quick update! We are including a version of this form in TaxCycle. We are working on it now.

Heard from the Efile Association on this issue, that the new form can also be used at the bank

Terrific! There’s hope yet.

Will be very nifty if after this pilot CRA extends this to all remittance forms that are now MICR

Still seeing the form in TaxCycle in “Preview , For Review Only”…what’s the estimated time that we’ll be able to use in production?

Hopefully available in the next release. Still a few hoops to jump through.

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