New T7DRA in TaxCycle

Looking at the new T7DRA in TaxCycle, am I correct that one will have to go to the form to create it and insert a date before it will complete, unlike the old template version of T7DRA that was automatically populated with the balance owing? (This assumption is based on going in to a file that I kne had a balance owing after applying today’s update.)

If that is the case, is there anyone else who, like us, would prefer that the form be automatically created with the full balance owing and have the date inserted as the date printed? One could still edit the default if they wanted, and since you can have multiple versions, you could still produce a second or third version if needed. This would save having to create the form and pick a date. We usually have the form printed and ready for our clients when they come in to review and sign the returns. We would be unlikey to start printing them when meeting with our clients.


I agree with that!

I agree. I normally print these forms for pickup when the client comes in and tell them to change the amount on the form if they don’t want to pay the whole balance.

We’re planning to refine this in the next release. Stay tuned.

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