We’ve just noticed that the T1135 is not printing with the return when only category 7 securities are reported. An entry in any of the other fields correctly causes the form to print - but not category 7.

We have the exactly the same problem. I contacted support and they were not able duplicate the problem, so I think it was assumed to a glitch on our side. While unfortunate that it is a problem for others, there is some comfort knowing it is not something with our system in particular.

We have altered the used condition to ensure that when amounts are entered only in Part 7 of the T1135 we set the form as “used”. Our next optional update (manual download only) will include this fix (targeted for next week). In the meantime if you need to print the form, you can right-click on the form and select print.

~ Rob

And how would we go about determining if any have been missed since the Client Manager also does not seem to identify T1135’s with only category 7 completed?

@jriley / @matthew

This download ( http://get.taxcycle.com/SampleExtensions/Sample.T1TY2014BonusReview.dll ) has been updated to add a review message when the T1135 may not have been printed.

To install, shut down client manager, close TaxCycle and place the download file in the directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Trilogy Software\TaxCycle\Extensions (you’ll need administrator permissions to do this). Restart TaxCycle and you should be ready to go!

You can then use a new feature called “batch calculation” that will run through all your returns, rerun the calculations and show any review messages that result. You can see how this feature works by following this link and scrolling to the bottom: https://www.taxcycle.com/Support/Documentation/tabid/153/ID/1376/TaxCycle-Release-32269240--T1-Multiple-Jurisdiction-and-much-more.aspx

Please give this a try and let me know if there is anything else you need.

As always, thank you very much for your support.


~ Cameron

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