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T4A RCA slip

I do appreciate that the slip has been added, but it makes more sense to add the said slip into the T3 module rather than the T4 module.

If you have a RCA, you are required to file three documents,

  1. a T3 return;
  2. a Part XI.3 Tax Return
  3. T4A - RCA if a distribution has been made. Since these are all related, they should be in the same file (ie T3 module)

The Part XI.3 return is a PITA with some weird carry forwards but it would also be extreamly helpful and is only 4 pages long and does not need any difficult calculations and just a few carry forwards.

They go as a package and if you could add the Part XI.3 return as well and move the T4A RCA slip and summary to the T3 module would be great.