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A client “forgot” an employee (s/he only worked for less than a week) and the T4s were filed excluding that person. Given that the T4s also balanced I’m presuming that the client also “forgot” to remit the rather minimal amount for them back in June 2021!!

I filed the original T4s for them and now need to add just the 1 slip and the amended T4SUM.

Just wondering about approach: should I mark all previous T4s as amended or leave them alone? Just mark the new one as amended? Do I refile ALL slips? (I suspect the answer to this latter is yes…because the export to xml is the complete T4 run.) Any suggestions?

If you are doing this in TaxCycle, it is easy to just add a T4, as an amended return and also filing the amended T4 summary.

And just mark the T4SUM as amended…not the slip? (Or does it actually matter…?)

If you are doing it in Tax Cycle, you have to mark the T4 as amended or the T4Sum won’t show amended. I am always afraid of confusing someone at CRA. That is the last thing I want to do.

Yep - that makes sense…CRA is confused enough without my help!! :grin:

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As I remember, CRA clearly states not to file an amended T4 summary if filing on paper. Submit only the amended slips. If filing electronically, submit only the amended slips and an amended summary which must include totals relating to the amended slips only. I haven’t had the misfortune to have to amend slips, but the whole process seems to invite disaster. On another note, I see Service Canada sent out CPP/OAS/T4A revised slips this week. Had one come in last week. …at least, here in Nova Scotia.


I am wondering how you add new T4A slips to a file that you have already submitted for a client. A couple of members were missed and they need to be added. Is it the same as amended and do you have to label the new slips as “Amended”?

Hi, You would add them in as “Original”, dismiss the transmission results of the previous filing in the Transmit tab and it would only show the newly added “Original” slips to transmit as the previously filed ones would have their filing history displayed on the T4A data entry field and wouldn’t be included as part of another “Original” slip return filing unless you cleared that previously filed submission history data:

~ Rob

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