T4A CPP Child benefits

Hi All, I am having trouble imputing T4A Statement of CPP benefits in a taxpayer’s return.
Anyone knows how to enter it as the amount is not coming as a reduction of Schedule 5 eligible amount.
What’s your experience with that?

How do you enter an eligible dependent T4A CPP (Child benefits) In TaxCycle. Since the statement is in the child’s name and not the parent.

Try setting up the child’s tax return and entering the slip there. Everything should link then.

… or just enter the Dependant’s income (including the Canada Pension Child Benefit) in the Net Income area in the Dependant Information worksheet. It should properly flow through to the eligible dependant calculation.

@snoplowguy I thought that was too way of an answer.

That would work as well. The main reason I setup the file is to organize slips in Doxcycle and future tie into to the slips if I look at it in the future.