T4 Adjustment thresholds

Ok, I have had this request since Taxcycle has started the T4 slips.

Maybe I am setting this up wrong on my system;

How do I stop Taxcycle from doing these small adjustments?

These are my settings in the options

but the above options do not work for the last option that I use.

Can you guys please lets us define the minimum difference before it makes 1 cent adjustments for the fourth option.

IE Adjust only if contributions exceed maximum contribtution or for under contributions if the difference exceeds:…

Can you please add this to the 2017 module because I am getting tired of explaining to clients why I am making 1 cent adjustments.

2nd question, am I missing something or am I not able to use e-courier to send slips directly from taxcycle?

@james1… I fought with this a little back in January, but I think I have it set up where I am comfortable with how it is working for adjustments. The only nag left for me is I don’t want Taxcycle to adjust the CPP downwards if the employee has overpaid CPP based on the formula Gross-3500 x 00495. The only time I would want the software to adjust the CPP downwards is if over the maximum of $2,544.30 for the year. Presumably, this would work with your option 4 provided you could get the tolerances built into that option.

You have already noticed that only option 3 (Adjust to the calculated premium if the difference exceeds) uses those Threshold tolerances. The other options ignore those tolerances. I am using option 3 and it works for me. Whenever I would get a T4 slip that Taxcycle wanted to adjust the CPP downward against my judgement there is a box in the “Filing Section” of the T4 slips called “Ignore Adjustments” and it will leave it alone.

Anyway, I have been using option 3 and Taxcycle and Taxcyle doesn’t try to make those small adjustments you are seeing.

I started a topic on this a while back; T4 Adjustment Options

@James, the options you picked are not subject to the $.50 limitation… that is a different and separate option.


I know the tolerances do not work on option 4. My point is why do they allow tolerances on option 3 but not on option 4. All they need to do is add the same tolerance to option four like the one above and life is good.


I initially used option 3; however, at the time I tried it, it would try to adjust CPP down for part time employees. For instance if I had person that worked for a month and was paid $3500 with CPP deducted, Taxcycle would try to adjust the CPP to zero under option 3. Maybe it does not work like that any longer; however, I do not see the issue with having tolerances for option 4 like option 3.

I guess i can click the do not make adjustments box but that seems to be a make work project in my mind.

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That is EXACTLY the problem I was running into, and why I started that topic last month… and yes, it still works like that if you choose option 3. Taxcycle wants to reduce the CPP contributions for those part time employees.

You are absolutely correct, in that if option 4 was available with tolerances, it would solve this issue and I would prefer to select Option 4 over option 3.

I have been trying to get this added since the first year of the T4 module.:cry:

Thank you for implementing this! :slightly_smiling_face: