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No T4(A)P slip

I have a client who receives CPP and for all the years I have done her return there has been T4(A)P slip for her. She did not receive one for 2019 (she did receive one for OAS) and there is no record on her CRA account of one. Has anyone ever had this situation? Trying to avoid having to call Service Canada as she is elderly and in a nursing home and I don’t think she’d be able to manage doing it on her own. Her daughter has confirmed she is actually receiving CPP deposits to her account each month. Thanks!

I’ve taken prior year figure and found the % increase online, then applied it. I have clients who add up their bank deposits and agree them to the T4A-P.

Thanks for the response Neal - that would be a valid thing to do if I just didn’t have the slip but I find it really weird that there isn’t one on her account? I’m concerned once I file it will be changed to remove it because there isn’t a corresponding slip.

I think we are all seeing a few oddities like that this year - slips missing that should show up on the client’s account at CRA. I’d chock it up to COVID-19 and use common sense:

Did the client actually receive the money? Like @neal suggests - the client could prove it via bank statements, if you don’t believe them. If they received income, you know it has to be reported. CRA isn’t going to REMOVE taxable income from a tax return due to a missing slip. They are more interested if you DON’T report it when it should be there.

Good point. I will take Neal’s advice and figure it out manually according to the deposits.

As a side note I have actually had the CRA remove income from a client who’s employer did not file the T4 slips as required. The CRA was concerned with the CPP, Ei and tax credits that were on the slip included in the return. We had to send in verification and have it escalated. I have actually had it a few times - there are many employers who do not do what they should with their reporting requirements.

Thanks to you both for your input!