Slips list templates - T4A for the one time seniors payment

I rolled forward a file to see if the T4A slip from Service Canada appeared in the slip list templates for our client who born before July1, 1947 and received the one-time payment of $500.00 OAS in August 2021. It did not appear in the listing. Does TaxCycle plan to code this into the template or should I proceed to add it in myself?

Will TaxCycle be adding the T4A box 205 to their template as it is the box being used for the One-time payment for older seniors by Service Canada?

I see that Service Canada admitted they messed up their slips, including the $500 in income twice. Corrected slips being mailed by mid-March. Any chance CRA will charge them penalties?? They’re fast enough to jump on the little guy who happens to file late.

What do you mean by template? We support importing this box through AFR.

Are you doing it that way or through DoxCycle?

I am hoping that the DoxCycle T4A Box 205 issue (not a valid box for transferring to TaxCycle) gets fixed. The response from support seemed to indicate that the issue wasn’t important enough to warrant a fix :frowning: For the record, for those of us using DoxCycle it is important.

TaxCycle has box 205 and AFR picks it up. Are you using the latest release?

Sorry you got that impression. We fixed that today and have a DoxCycle release waiting for QA. You should see an update soon.

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Did CRA even issue T4A’s for this one time payment? It is not showing in my client’s CRA File of slips either and did not auto download. I do recall some kind of issue going on with these slips and CRA issue…anyone else?

Ok so this is the issue but my issue is they did not issue a slip at all??

Hi Michelle, Using CRA online access we have confirmed that one of our clients has the $500 T4A slip for the one time payment.

Noted. I am going to add in to the tax return anyway, not waiting for T4A.