T3's and T5008's in AFR

There was quite a bit of talk about improving how the import of this information was going to be handled. Had a first look at the import of some of these today, and seems like nothing has substantially changed. Is this improvement still coming for this year?


We’ve done everything I said we would do for T3s. The new aggregation workflow is behind the button circled in blue…

T5008 improvements are still to come. We’ve invested quite a lot of time in new CRA interactions (PAD, eNOA, instant assessment, and AFR improvements). We’re wrapping most of that up in the next 7 days.

Our next priorities are business statement sharing and excel import. Once that is done we’ll come back to the T5008s. The first thing we’ll do is create a way to export all the T5008s to excel. After that’s done, we’ll see what we still have time for.

~ Cameron


@Cameron, the look I had earlier today at T3’s was very quick, I see now what you have done for T3’s, andit does look pretty slick.

And sounds great what you have underway for T5008.

I think we will be impressed!


There are a few more subtle things:

  1. If you want to adjust the way you’ve mapped the data import, it keeps the last download so you can work with it if you like. AFR data is updated over night, so if you do it a second time the same day, TaxCycle will skip the download step automatically. (You can back up and force a second download if you like)

  2. If you do AFR a second time a week or two later, TaxCycle shows you the slips that are new and changed.

We have another idea that we are considering, and that is to make the AFR window non-modal. This means you could show the AFR dialog on a second window, and could navigate around the return while you’re doing that matching, and even experiment with importing the data a few different ways. We could add some hyperlinks on the preview data that could drill down into the return. Wondering if anyone would find that useful?? It’s a bit of work, so we may end up doing a special build with that feature late in the season, and make it available for the keeners to play with.

~ Cameron


Amazing…thank you!

@Cameron - can you point me to where I can find out a bit more about AFR T3 aggregation?

That non-modal option would be great!


There’s not too much to it. Just click on the button noted above, and then you’ll get a list of all the T3 slips that have been downloaded. Click the ones you want to aggregate, and you’ll see a preview down below. You can see how it matches up with your existing data entry as well.

~ Cameron

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There are also some instructions (including screen captures) on how the aggregation currently works in the help topic:


Scroll down until you see the “Aggregate data from multiple slips into one slip” section.