T5008 Data entry

Hi everyone,

I have a client who has numerous T5008 slips. AFR is not helping in downloading the slips in the taxCycle. Is there a template available to upload T5008 in taxCycle? I want to avoid punching in the numbers as it will take a lot of my hrs.

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what we do is download the T5008’s to spreadsheet…

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Request the customer to provide you with a Realized Gain/Loss Report for the year to avoid dealing with many T5008. I record the transactions on schedule 3 as a lump sum amount.

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How do we download to a spreadsheet from AFR?

While in the AFR window and focused on a T5008 see below the preview box as below.


I recently discovered this too. What I have done is click both “do not import xxT5008” + “export xxT5008” and then it puts them all in an excel sheet instead of in the tax file. Brilliant.
And I also ask for the realized gain/loss report.

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