T3010 Line 4100 Cannot enter a negative

I have a T3010 with a negative balance in their bank account. Previously on filing the T3010 online with the CRA we have entered a negative number in line 4100. On Taxcycle I am unable to do this. I moved the balances to the Other Liabilities to make things balance, however, the auditor we have says it should be a negative on the T3010 bank account line.


We will make an adjustment to allow negative values in that field for our next release.

~ Rob

Awesome. Thank you.

So for this year, being the T3010 is still a paper filing, unfortunately, I can leave blank and and handwrite it in.

FYI, I noticed this with a couple other fields, but none were as important as this one.

Rob: Line 4650 will sometimes need a negative as well for adjustments.