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Re-file latest release has a bug in T3 input screen, Box 26 wrong

The latest release had me baffled, until I realized it was posting Other income from T3 slip!
IT should go to Schedule 4, but instead, is posting to Sch. 3, line 176 Farm/Fish Eligible…

In TaxCycle, there are 2 lines for box 26 for the T3 slip. Enter in the first line the amount that appears in box 26 of the T3 slip the client received. Per the instruction on the back of the T3 slip, this is posted to line 130 of the T1 return. If there is a footnote on the slip regarding eligible capital property, enter the amount indicated in the footnote on the second line. That amount is included in box 26 (the first entry), is reported on line 173 of Schedule 3 and is eligible to the capital gains deduction.

Allan, sent a memo to Cam asking him to pit a audit msg on box 26 if first line zero