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Next Release

Just curious when we will see the next release and wondering if the GST370 will be included?


We are waiting for a final version of the form. If CRA does not give us a final version by end of this month, we will lift the preview watermark and let you file with last year’s version.

(From @Rob)

(I’m just the typist)

I all ready have a return to file in which the GST370 is all I am waiting for. Can you remove it for the next release? If not will posting the correct amount directly to the T1 work?

I would like to know with this version - If I populate the GST370 with the appropriate figures and 457 is completed will I have any issues with transmission/acceptance.

You won’t have any issues.

If CRA had major changes to the calculations we would have seen them by now.

Good to know. Thanks Cam.