Janky Efile for client

I’m going through our files to double check all the files that are due today are for sure efiled.

For one client

  • Our paper file shows that we transmitted the return on March 13.
  • In TC it appears that the file hasn’t been transmitted (the rest of the family show as transmitted).
  • When I look on RAC, the file has been filed, assessed, and the refund has been issued. I went through the assessed file and it matches our submission so there isn’t an issue with that. We know that she didn’t go through another tax preparer.

I can’t find any other file in TC for the client (and obviously, there shouldn’t be one).

Anyone have any idea what would cause this and what I should do about it?

Missed saving that file after transmitting? *ticked all but that one?

Look at file/info/history for that specific t/p vs the other ones on the same family file (if together). You should be able to see every action taken.

Thank you,

This seems to have deepened my mystery. The Jane Doe’s file was transmitted on the 13th, and the rest of the family on the 18th. Jane is a college student, but the family is in one file.

It looks like Jane was added to the family file and AFR’d on the 18th. But only the other 3 family members were transmitted. This is so weird. It feels like there should be a file for just Jane done on the 13th, but there isn’t one. I tried looking up the DCN from the T183 that was signed the 13th, but it doesn’t come up.

“It looks like Jane was added to the family file … on the 18th”

So when the individual file was added to the family, you deleted the original individual file on the 18th…?

You take complete data backups on your computer system daily, as normal, yes?
… So just go to your computer backup that you made on the 17th, and a copy of the (first) file for the taxpayer will still be there, showing it was efiled on the 13th…

Yes, I’m not sure why, but my partner overwrote the original file when he was doing the rest of the family. I think he was trying to add her for some transfers.

Whatever the reason, I have the return we efiled back now. Thank you!