T2 Freeze Ups

I downloaded and installed the latest TaxCycle update yesterday. I seem to be having freezing issues in the T2 module in the Asset Manager section when entering information in the Additions and Disposals area down near the bottom.

TaxCycle seems to allow me to enter the first addition in the Current Year Addition/Disposition Transactions area without any fuss, but as soon as I try to enter a second addition in the same class I can hear my computer’s fan kick in, the CPU usage jumps from about 1% to 15% and the “Power Usage” beside the TaxCycle App in the Windows Task Manager jumps from Low to Very High. As soon as I move away from the Asset Manger the computer settles back down.

It happens if I carry forward a T2 file from 2018 and also for 2019 T2 files that I had already prepared that had more than 1 current year fixed asset addition in a particular class of assets.

It’s as if the Asset Manager sucks the life out of the computer.
I have tried rebooting computer but no difference.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I have sent a T2 file to TaxCycle via e-courier to see if they can replicate this or if the file reacts the same way on their system.

I think my next test will be to try to roll back the update if I can remember how…

I have been communicating issues since the release Friday regarding Taxcycle locking up in the T1 module when trying to access the T776Asset page. I later noticed after also in T2125Asset page. This appeared only to happen for me in files carried forward. I got an email late today indicating they have found the problem and should be fixed ASAP for release.

The “Preview” will also be removed from the T3 which is supposed to a filing version now, in that release.

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… and here I thought the only bug was Land not being carried forward…

It seems quite possible the T1 issues you are experiencing are possibly the same as the T2 issues I am having.

I rolled back to the January 2nd version of the software (9.0.37674.0) and TaxCycle not longer locks up when entering multiple additions in the Asset Manager area of the T2 Module.

As @Arliss mentioned, it seems to be some type of issue contained in the latest update (9.0.37806.0)

I had the same issue in the T2. I had four classes, but it only happened in one.
A got a work-around. When I deleted the sheet with the problem, and made a new sheet, the issue went away.

We have issued an update today - Build 37820 that we believe resolves the “locking up”/slowdown issue.

~ Rob

Maybe fixed now, as Rob says, but I haven’t had a problem, and I’ve been using T2 Asset manager quite a bit in the last week. Maybe due to certain configurations of the software (running on a network?) or certain versions of Windows (I’m running Windows 10, version 1909)?

@Nezzer This only happens when the addition/disposition history table at the bottom of S8Assets spans across to the next page. So, nothing to do with Windows version. Anyway, the new version will take care of the issue. Thanks!