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T2 Auto-fill Importing

TaxCycle Version 7.2.33615.0

I updated to the latest version of TaxCycle this morning. When I use the T2-Autofill the actual download seems to work fine but when it goes to “import data” I am getting an error message. It looks like a .NET error. See screenshot.

“TaxCycle was unable to complete the import. Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

My .NET framework is 4.7.2


I’m working on this now, and I hope to have a resolution for you sometime today.


~ Cameron

No worries.

As far as I can tell the AFR data does actually import and if I hit “ok” to clear the error everything seems fine. I actually filed that particular T2 return this morning.

I can confirm that the data imports correctly. The error happens when TaxCycle tries to show the AFR form. So it’s a harmless but annoying problem. We’re patching that and a few other small issues today.