T2 AFR problems

Is anyone else having trouble with T2 autofill this week? I have tried using a different web browser, and it didn’t help. Maybe it’s due to this month’s Microsoft updates? Here’s what’s happening to me:

I start the T2 AFR, and the pop-up appears saying “Initiating session…” Usually at this point, my default web browser opens to CRA RAC, and I enter my credentials. But, after a minute of waiting, nothing happens, so I hit Cancel. 2-5 minutes later, my web browser opens to CRA RAC, so I log in, and it shows that I am requesting a download for the specified corporation. I click Next, and it shows the usual page for TaxCycle download. But, the TaxCycle pop-up was cancelled, so how can it download anything? It doesn’t. In fact, a few seconds later, TaxCycle goes unresponsive and Windows gives me a pop up prompting me to close or restart TaxCycle.

Yesterday I tried waiting longer before cancelling the “Initiating session…” pop-up. So, when my browser did (finally) open, and the download started, the TaxCycle pop-up changed to something like, “Access granted…downloading data…first attempt…” But, after another 2-5 minutes, it changed to an error message - something like, “Invalid token…the token is a required field…” Again, TaxCycle froze and Windows had to kill it.

This morning I had a Windows notification “Restart to install updates”. After restarting, I tried the T2 AFR again, and it actually downloaded and imported the data, but it still took several minutes to open the web browser, and several minutes at “Downloading data…first attempt…”

Anybody else having similar issues?

Yesterday they had a problem with there afr and represent a client it was down for about 3 hours

Hmmm. I didn’t have any trouble with RAC itself - I logged in several times yesterday. But, perhaps TaxCycle attempts to connect to CRA before opening the web browser? If that “AFR connection” at CRA is still experiencing issues today, that could explain what I’m seeing. Might not be a TaxCycle issue, after all…

I just submitted 2 new T1013s via the software and logged in to CRA to get prior year NOAs and was quick and smooth. Might have been a temporary glitch.

CRA was up and down at various times during the day yesterday. They are in the midst of updating everything for the upcoming tax season, so just have patience and keep trying.

TaxCycle is “talking” to CRA perfectly this morning. Let’s hope CRA has finished messing with things.

Thanks for your suggestions @pugs1 @heather.haddon.cfp @dklassencga

I got the problem fixed tonight. After troubleshooting for the last 2 days, I think the problem started when Windows Update installed the “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909” on Monday (I was running version 1903 since June). Today, there was a “Cumulative update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1909…” After installing that (and rebooting my PC) everything seems to be working again.

Trust Microsoft to wreak havoc on us with updates that are supposed to make our lives better/easier/safer. At least they fixed the problem.