Complete Engagement

I would like to see an option on the client dashboard to complete engagement without going back into the file. Is that something that would be a feature that others would like as well or is it just me :slight_smile:

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Our plan was to create a way to set this status from TaxCycle. I am not sure at this point if that would be a workflow item or a new menu item.

We could also look at adding something in the TaxFolder dashboard.

I am curious to hear if there is a preference for being able to manage this from TaxCycle, TaxFolder or both.

Hi @sarka Both would be ideal. But from the Dashboard would be my preference right now.

Also would like an option whereas a returning client can add an engagement year in their TaxFolder. For example I have had a couple of clients who instead of contacting me first saying they are returning for 2021 tax year, went right into TaxFolder and tired to upload documents, but there wasn’t an option because I did not create the engagement yet. Is that something that is possible?

I don’t use Tax Folder, but I find the past tense wording in paragraphs (a) and (b) of the Letter of Engagement interesting. I’ve never used engagement letters in my business until last year, my first year using TaxCycle after reading so many discussions about using it in this Tax Cycle forum.

My understanding is that the client should be signing this letter before any work starts, as evidenced by @mjeconsulting’s request in this post. Yet the wording in paragraphs (a) and (b) are both past tense, stating that they have already provided us all their documents, that it is correct and complete. As such, rather than changing the wording, I’ve had most of my clients sign it at the end of the engagement, before I e-file their tax return. Many of my clients provide me tax docs as they come in, in small batches, so having them sign this document at the beginning seems inaccurate since I don’t have everything yet. Or am I reading too much into this? Should the wording be changed to future tense (“you will provide me …”)?

I think it stems from the pre-COVID era, when your clients came into your office, sat down across from you, and gave you all their slips, and then you got them to sign the engagement letter. So, technically, it WAS past tense (if even just a few seconds earlier).

Also, I think the reason for having this signed agreement is to prove it later, such as when the client disputes what you filed last year. At that point you want to be able to say, “See - you SAID (past tense) you gave me all the information on that date, but in reality…”

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I would also like to see this. Currently my Dashboard is full of “in Progress” but it’s too time consuming to mark completed. As far as my files are concerned the TaxFolder engagement is complete one the form is signed.

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The option to batch complete engagements from the dashboard is now in the development queue. I am hoping it will be ready to go in one of the releases planned before the end of March.


Another reason to love TaxCycle. Thank you @sarka and the TaxCycle team.