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CRA assessment results

In today’s webinar we were asked to manually address this question:

Want instant CRA assessment results and your Notice of Assessment faster? Tick this box: [ ]

I would like to get the ability to default this as being checked using global options rather than manually setting this up for each tax payer.


On my list of things to do for this release. Like many other defaults, there will be a review message when the client’s file does not match your specified default.

~ Cameron

With this question remember if you tick that box then the client will not get mailed a NOA . I think it should still be left for a question to the client.

What does this downloaded notice look like?

If it is reasonable, would I not be able to upload it to my portal for the client to use?

I imagine any option @Cameron makes will be optional, like the other New File defaults and we could default it to require you to ask. And we could default it @pugs1, you have a good point, because the if the preparer receives the Notice of Assessment electronically, the client doesn’t get a paper copy. They do get online mail though if they are signed up and can see it through My Account.

@TimParris Let me preface that I haven’t seen this in action yet, so I am working off of conversations I’ve had around the office, so this may change…

The NOA comes in HTML format, and I believe that it will be viewable through a browser or browser-like window. My understanding is that in the first release in which we offer it, you will be able view it that way, and printable to PDF. We will also store the data in the TaxCycle file so that we can eventually use it for review messages or in the Client Manager. It will be one of those features that we enhance as time goes on.